Python: Consulting PEPs from command line, while being offline

Posted on Wed 13 April 2011 in blog

One day I wished I could read PEPs in the tube on my laptop... so I searched for a convenient way to do so, and I didn't found ... So I wrote a very simple shell script you can found here : I'm currently packaging it for Debian and trying to put it on PyPI, (help is welcome :-) I don't have so much time) but you can make it work just by downloading the script here : The script is very simple to use, first you can change a bit its configuration, typically change the LOCAL_PEP_PATH to something writeable for a use to don't have to be root to update you PEPs (As running an unknown script as root is a bit scary ) Then you should run `./pep upgrade with progress` to download PEPs to you LOCAL_PEP_PATH, and then just do a './pep 8' to read the PEP 8 ! Others features include searching using regex, you can read about it here reading the README the -h or the manpage.

Hope you'll enjoy it!