1. Python Translation Workshop 3

    I'm organizing a 3rd workshop to translate the Python Documentation on 2018-09-20!!!

    TL;DR, register on meetup.com.

    The goal is mainly to translate a bit of the documentation, so indirectly to help newcomers with the tools (github / git / poedit / ...). We'll be hosted by Budget Insight, and Pizzas will be …

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  2. Compose Key vs Dead Key

    L'AFNOR à lancé autour de juin 2017 un appel à commentaires à propos de la normalisation du clavier français, réunissant 3725 retours.

    Parmis ces retours certains mentionnent la compose key :

    […] il est possible de composer une quantitée de symboles bien plus grande qu'avec une dead key

    […] et éventuellement une touche …

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  3. Python Documentation Translation

    This is an overview of what is done, what we're doing, and what's needs work about the translation of Python documentation.

    Historical context

    The first step to ensure every other steps are worth it was to officialize the translations. This is now done with the PEP 545.

    PEP 545: TL …

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  4. Python coroutines with async and await

    This is a short introduction of the basic vocabulary and knowledge needed to start with async and await, we'll go from "scratch", but not from the whole "let's use generators" era, when everything started, but from a contemporary (Python 3.5) point of view with natives coroutines, async, await.

    Coroutine …

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  5. emacs: standard input is not a TTY

    Did you ever tried something like :

    $ find -name '*.c' | xargs emacs
    $ grep -rl snmp . | xargs emacs

    and got the error "emacs: standard input is not a tty" ? That's normal, as the stdin for emacs is here the pipe, not your tty, you need a workaround to leave the normal …

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  6. Automating GNU screen startup

    At work I use GNU screen with one window per server (ssh connection), and when I loose my screen, it takes minutes to rebuild the naming and the ssh connections ... So I searched and found a PHP version on Jon's blog but I don't like PHP and don't want a …

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  7. ashttp: vt100 screen scraping exported over HTTP

    Originally written for logtop I just wrote a vt100 screen scraper that listen to a port and serve the screen over HTTP. Basically, you want a top (or logtop ;-) ) to be displayed in your website back office ? But top outputs in your terminal and you don't know how to capture …

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