1. squid: (101) Network is unreachable when DNS returns IPv6

    If you have a Squid proxy configured on a machine that have no IPv6 connectivity, and try to reach an IPv6 compatible site, you squid will try to reach the site using IPv6 (I use squid 3.1.6 from Debian Squeeze) and will fail without even trying IPv4, displaying …

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  2. Emacs: replace tabs with spaces

    When you want to replace tab with spaces or vice versa don't use M-% (query-replace) but M-x tabify or M-x untabify. They work on the current selection so if you want it to be applied to a whole buffer, try C-x h (mark-whole-buffer) before to select the whole buffer.

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  3. Searching and replacing in emacs

    Day two of my serie about emacs, about searching and replacing.

    • Function name: isearch-forward
    • Typical Key binding: C-s
    • How to get help: C-h f isearch-forward

    isearch-forward let you type a string to be searched incrementally in the current buffer, successive following C-s will jump to the next match.

    • Function name …
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  4. Numeric arguments in emacs

    I'm starting an 'emacs trick of the day' sequence with:

    • Function name: universal-argument
    • Typical Key binding: C-u
    • How to get help: C-h f universal-argument
    • Usage: C-u

    Receive a numeric argument that is given to the next called function, when no numeric argument is typed, the value defaults to 4. So …

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  5. nfsmount: rpc failed: 2

    For those, here on the internet, asking themselves what is this fscking rpc failed: 2 while mounting an NFS, it's possible that the response is here: Your NFS client trying to mount the NFS share will use RPC to communicate with the serveur, il will go like:

    > PORTMAP GETPORT(Program …
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  6. Python: Introducing ppipe : Parallel Pipe

    /!\ this was highly experimental code written in 2011. Today you should NOT use it, just look at it if the subject amuses you. Better take a look at asyncio if you want this kind of tools.

    I'll speak about my pipe python module so if you didn't know it, you …

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  7. [Bashism] How to generate random number without $RANDOM ?

    There is a common bashism, that is to use $RANDOM. Typically you'll have to remove bashism while rewriting your scripts for dash or sh. There is a lot of solutions to generate random numbers in many different ways, but I'm not here to pollute the internet demonstrating 42 differents ways …

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