HackInScience hits 10k solved exercices per month!

Posted on Fri 04 June 2021 in blog

What is HackInScience, again?

This is a pet-project I started with friends around 2014, we were teaching Python to full rooms of ~70 students: we had to automate stuff, we automated stuff.

It allowed us to spend more time with the students actually needing us, while the other could work autonomously on the website, it was a huge success, with lots of positive feedbacks from students:

Thanks to the three of you! It was perfect, your availability and method is exceptional. I achieved my main goal (recovering the desire to code), and got frustrated when we reached friday and had to leave. I'll continue working on the exercises but with a different pace.

(roughly translated from french, and about the pace: we had them to work from 9AM to 9PM.)

Project evolved, we're no longer giving Python course in this university, but the project is still alive and growing!

So … what it is?

It's a collection of exercices, each with a live correction bot, making great use of friendly:

HackInScience screenshot

Project stats for may 2021

Looks like the project is starting to get traction! I use no trackers (and there's no ad ;)) but I still can see the number of subscribed users and solved exercises in the database, and nice surprise for may 2021:

  • 11740 exercises solved.
  • 1021 active users (not counting anonymous users).
  • The bots corrected 31397 submissions.

It's all FOSS

Since the beginning the project is open-source, using an MIT license, and is not tightly coupled to checking Python code, so I hope someone, if not me, will have the time, one day, to spawn an HackInScience with bash exercises, maybe C, ... (If you want to speed this up, consider buying me coffee).