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  1. Wake Up Time.

    Amateurs hack systems, professionals hack people. -- Bruce Schneier.

    Waking up means you stop dreaming, and you wake up into truth. But what happens when you wake up in a prison that you never knew was one? you still have not woken up. Where is your freedom? do you have freedom …

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  2. Think Free.

    Scroll to 25:00 for the main talk.

    We are told that we live in a free society. There is no greater test of freedom then being able to leave. In order to understand this idea better, we need to know some words and their definitions. First off, a society …

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  3. Phorming The Net.

    Phorm is working with major British ISP's including British Telecom, Virgin Media, and TalkTalk on a targeted advertisement service to monitor browsing habits and serve relevant advertisements to the end user. Phorm say these deals will give them access to the surfing habits of 70% of British households with broadband …

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  4. Opera Security Testing UserScripts.

    I got this sent in by Sam Aldis, two nice user scripts created for Opera to test the security in websites by automating XSS c.q. SQL injection. This is really useful if you want to test websites actually. Secondly he also has a simple Javascript console, which in term …

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  5. The Great Deception.

    For those who haven't heard or seen the story of Gary McKinnon whose lost his case today and is being extradited to the US any time soon now, I wanted to show an interview with him made a couple of years ago. As I said before, I think that this …

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  6. Hackers.

    There is no doubt that the media twisted the real meaning of hacking over the years. It's sad that many are under it's stigma, when the opposite is far closer to reality. I think it's safe to say that the perception of hackers in the average mind is severely twisted …

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  7. PHP Logic Flaws.

    Today I want to show you a vulnerability[1] found in IceBB by GiReX which was submitted to milw0rm yesterday. It is exactly such vulnerability that happens when programmers trying to invent their own security mechanisms without understanding all the pitfalls it can create. I thought it would be interesting …

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