Wake Up Time.

Amateurs hack systems, professionals hack people. -- Bruce Schneier.

Waking up means you stop dreaming, and you wake up into truth. But what happens when you wake up in a prison that you never knew was one? you still have not woken up. Where is your freedom? do you have freedom? It is time to claim back that original freedom and sovereignty they stole from you. Unless you are perfectly happy feeding the hand that bites you. So, for starters let's reverse-engineer law, which is code also.

Now the fun stuff:

Irene Gravenhorst, a human woman living in Common Law jurisdiction, is confronted by a Police Officer in Admiralty/Marine Law jurisdiction. Watch the interaction, and notice that in order for him to convince Irene to sign his "ticket" the Police Officer agrees to a contract with Irene for three billion dollars. remember: this is the case for almost any country including The Netherlands where I live. It is one of the biggest secrets concealed. The artificial you (the all capitalized name) that the government created at your birth, is your legal name and it is not you. It is your straw man. Note that these ideas are pioneered by Jordan Maxwell in 1959. Learn more about Irene here