The Great Deception.

For those who haven't heard or seen the story of Gary McKinnon whose lost his case today and is being extradited to the US any time soon now, I wanted to show an interview with him made a couple of years ago. As I said before, I think that this information is important, no matter where one believes in. A Briton accused of hacking into top secret military computers has lost a Law Lords appeal against being extradited to stand trial in the US. Gary McKinnon, 42, could face a life sentence if found guilty of gaining access to 97 American military and Nasa computers from his London home. Glasgow-born Mr McKinnon has admitted breaking into the computers but said he was trying to find information on UFOs. American officials involved in this case have stated that they want to see him 'fry'. Without co-operation, the case could be treated as a terrorism case, which could result in up to a 60-year sentence in a maximum security prison should he be found guilty on all six indictments.

I am interested in this because since the age of 3 when I was in kindergarten I drew UFO's before I even saw TV while other kids drew the general pictures like houses with a tree with a sun. As far as I can remember I never saw a UFO on TV back in that time. My parents as well as my kindergarten teacher were stunned of course. I don't really care what people think about it, to me it was obvious. Further more, I was invited to ESA (European Space Agency) here in my country in the year 2000. Here is a scan from my access pass. and after speaking to several people under lunch, and looking from 15 foot distance how satellites were being build at ESA., there is no doubt in my mind that we have technology that isn't ours. The message here is that I always thought that we are being left out of information that is real no matter if you believe it or not. For those in doubt about UFO technology and it's factual existence, here is one of the most credible story ever in UFO history and it's apparent truth whether you believe it or not, it did happen and there is tremendous proof of the technology that is available from it.